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School Reopening

This means that all students will remain on Distance learning for now and all staff will remain working under the guidelines that have been in place since the Stay-At-Home order went into effect.
We do not have a new date for reopening.  When we will be allowed to open depends upon COVID-19 numbers in our region and the availability of ICU beds in our hospitals.
In the meantime, we continue to prepare for the return of students.  New air filters, which meet COVID guidelines, are being installed in all Robla School District buildings and starting next week, our air quality consultants will come to our buildings to test the air quality to be sure we are safe.  We have conducted safety audits at all of our schools and are fixing any identified deficiencies.  We are also working out the fine tune details about how COVID testing will work when we reopen.
We remain in contact with the county and with the state, and will keep families, staff, and members of the public you aware of any changes.