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About Us

Welcome to Robla Preschool! 
Our school provides part and full-day preschool programs to children 3 years to 5 years of age.  We are funded through the California Department of Education and First 5 Sacramento.  Our school also has a special program, Play Pals, which is designed for parent and child learning for children who are 1 year to 3 years old.  To learn more, visit School Programs link.  
Robla Preschool's Mission Statement
At Robla Preschool, we treasure the uniqueness of each child, promote healthy families and provide key experiences that support children's natural interests as they explore, learn and discover.  Our school's mission and values are at the heart of everything we do. We focus our work with children to develop their potential in communication, social-emotional, cognitive, self help, early academics, motor and creative skills.
Robla Preschool's values and the experiences we provide are at the center of all we do.
Curiosity is a foundation for language development.  Our lesson plans are designed to foster learning in a natural and engaging way. Children learn best when activities are meaningful to them.  We support this through our use of inquiry-based instruction and hands-on learning activities.
We know that how children learn is essential to their individual growth; as is their ability to see themselves as a learner and a group member.  Our school uses the Teaching Pyramid and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) approaches in working with our students to develop solid social-emotional learning skills.
We ensure that our students have quality time with their peers and with the teachers.  Robla Preschool maintains a low adult to student ratio to support our students as they go about their business of project and play-based learning.
We believe that science, in all forms is an excellent way to make connections across the learning modalities and the topics each classroom focuses on.  Our Science Enrichment teacher, Mrs. Lana Romanchuk, teaches our students about the world around us and the math and science that follow.  Ms. Lana is also our Master Gardener and has our students' hands to help her with our school garden!
We love our monthly assemblies that bring unique experiences to our students!  Nature's Critters teaches our children to become caring citizens of the world around us; we learn about creatures small and large.  Puppet Theater comes monthly as well and brings children's stories to life for us.
We respect that you are your children's first teachers and we love your volunteerism. Your work with our monthly festivals makes them all the more fun for everyone! Our Parent Collaborative is open to all parents and acts as a group to make decisions about our school community. Requests for parent classes such as car-seat workshops, children's health practices, positive behavior strategies, and our read-at-home program are some of the program decisions from our Parent Collaborative.
We ensure that our instruction begins with our student's "information building" level.  We use observations of our students' response to teaching! Observation and performance drives our instruction!  Sharing progress with you is done throughout the year and at any time you would like to meet. Twice a year, we have formal conferences with you, using the Desired Results Profile.
We value quality throughout our school and maintain a collaborative staff of highly qualified teachers and instructional assistants who love their work and our students.
Affirmation Statement:  California State Constitution, Article XVI, Section 5.
Robla Preschool strives for excellence and embraces the diversity that comprises our school community.  It is our mission to honor each child and to help each child honor the similarities and differences in the friends that they make at school.  In doing so, they also gain a greater understanding of themselves.
  • Our curriculum reflects a variety of ethnic and cultural does our nation.
  • In accordance with Robla Elementary School District policies, we refrain from the teaching of religion and religious practices.  Robla Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, creed, color or gender, gender orientation, or national origin.
  • We welcome the enrollment of any child; children with or without disabilities.
  • We understand ADA guidelines and make reasonable accommodations for students needing them to our school.
Robla Preschool
4351 Pinell Street
Sacramento, CA  95838
Phone:  (916) 927-0136
Fax:  (916) 568-7808
Hours:  7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
(Monday - Friday)
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