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Celebrating Our Dedicated Retirees

We are honored to celebrate the incredible dedication and service of our retiring Robla School District family members. These outstanding individuals have made a lasting impact on our community through their hard work, commitment, and passion. As they embark on their well-deserved retirements, we reflect on their remarkable careers and express our deepest gratitude for their contributions.

Honoring Our Retirees:

  • Abel Rodriguez: With 18 years of service as a Custodian at Robla, Abel's dedication and hard work have kept our school facilities in top condition, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for students and staff alike.

  • Roberto Ramirez: Over his 28 years of service as a Warehouse Worker and Technology Specialist at the District Office, Roberto's commitment and expertise have been invaluable. His efforts have supported the smooth operation of our district's logistics and technology needs.

  • Walter Ginther: Serving as a Bus Driver and Custodian at Transportation for 31 years, Walter's care and dedication have safely guided countless students to and from school. His role in maintaining our transportation services has been essential.

  • Lakeshia Brown: In her 7 years as a Community Outreach Assistant at the District Office, Lakeshia's passion and support have made a tremendous difference in connecting our schools with the community. Her efforts have strengthened our outreach and engagement.

  • Phikoune Ho: As a Preschool Teacher with 32 years of service, Phikoune's nurturing and guidance have shaped the futures of so many young minds. Her dedication to early childhood education has left an enduring legacy.

  • Katy Yund: With an impressive 36 years of service as a Kindergarten Teacher at Bell, Letitia's love and dedication have laid the foundation for generations of students. Her impact on early education is immeasurable.

  • Darlene McGowen: Serving as a School Secretary for an incredible 42 years, Darlene's warmth and efficiency have been the heart of our school operations. Her support and organization have been crucial to our success.

Thank You for Your Service

The Robla School District community extends its heartfelt thanks to Abel, Roberto, Walter, Lakeshia, Phikoune, Katy, and Darlene for their unwavering dedication and years of service. Your contributions have left an indelible mark on our district, and your legacy will continue to inspire us all.

As you enter this new chapter of your lives, we wish you all the best in your well-deserved retirements. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and the many adventures that lie ahead.