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Parents » Child Care Enrollment

Child Care Enrollment

Child Care (Full Day) Registration

How to Register for Child Care

We are funded through California Department of Education and have specific guidelines we follow to ensure compliance. To enroll a child in the Robla Preschool Child Care (Full Day) program, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: You must be currently enrolled with the Robla Preschool

Step 2: Complete the Child Care Enrollment Packet

Step 3: Provide documentation of "need" for services beyond the 3 hour preschool program by completing one of our forms below and attaching proof of:
Step 4: Processing your application will take from 2-7 days and Director approval is required.  You will have a child care contract outlining the specific hours per day/week your child is eligible for the full day program.  Full day services cannot begin until a parent has signed/dated their contract and received a copy.
Step 5: If your income results in a family fee for child care, you will need to comply with the guidelines for payment in order to remain in the program.  Signing your contract is your agreement to the fee payment terms.
Enrollment - Child Care's Notice of Action & Contract:
  • An enrollment "Notice of Action" is sent/given to you when your child is approved for enrollment in the child care.  This form indicates the start date for your child and the eligibility his/her enrollment is based on and fees, if any.
  • Any changes in services will also be documented on a Notice of Action.
  • Additionally, you will receive a contract specifying the dates and times your child is able to participate in child care.  This contract also specifies how you will need to continue to show verification of need: such as grades from school, providing work schedules for variable employment, etc.
  • Failure to maintain the contract results in dismissal from the child care program.
For more information on the child care procedures and polices, including full day family fee schedules, please see the child care information page.