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Child Care (Full Day) Program 

Robla Preschool Full Day Program Procedures & Policies

Family eligibility and need for child care services is calculated, determined and reviewed by office staff.  All subsequent written and verbal communication is completed by the office staff and follows procedures, based on CDE: Child Development Division rules and regulations.


Q: Do I qualify for child care (full day)?

Family eligibility for child care is based on income eligibility and determination of need. Both areas must be verified with official documentation.  All parents or legal guardians in the home need to be working and/or attending school to qualify for services.  Income calculation/income eligibility for preschool program may be used for child care eligibility as well.

Determing "Need for Services" may be documented in one or more of the following areas:

  • Employment, including self-employment
  • School, including vocational training
  • Incapacity
  • Child Protective Services
  • Special Needs
Specific information and verification of need is requested for each area above.  In certain areas, listed above, there is a limited amount of service time available to the family.  By completing and signing your child care application, you agree and are required, to inform the preschool office of any changes in your work/school/family circumstance.  Failure to report these changes may result in termination from child care services through a Notice of Action.
Family Fees
Q: Does the child care (full day) program have a fee?
While our 3-hour preschool program is no cost to eligible families, the full day program may require a family fee according to the household income provided.  For more information, please visit our Family Fee Procedures and Policies.
Families are unable to begin services until a signed contract is in place and they have had an orientation to the child care program.
  • The contract specifies the area of need, the days and times of need.
  • Service is calculated for traditional school year and days outside of the school year.
  • The contract specifies the travel time, if appropriate, that is allocated to the family.
  • The contract specifies the start and end times for the families on eligible days.
  • The child care secretary, the program director and the parent(s) must sign the document prior to starting services.
Contract Violations for child care programs have a direct impact on continued eligibility for services:
  • Three late pick-ups will be followed by a written notice
  • Dismissal language is the same as for preschool programs: a pattern of absenteeism; a pattern of late pick-up; chronic unacceptable behavior; failure to provide accurate in
 The child care program requires the same attendance procedures as the preschool program or elementary school.  Parents must notify the office of an absence.  This may be done through a phone call or a written note.  Best Interest Days may be used in the child care program.  Sign-in/Sign Out procedures are identical to those of preschool-only children.